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Getting Started

Getting started with CrossFit is simple at Pilchuck CrossFit!


We use the MindBody software for our payment and scheduling - if you are ready to purchase the 6 Week Challenge or your Monthly CrossFit Membership click here: MINDBODY

6 Week Challenge

Our 6 week challenge is for anyone and everyone who is looking to get back into shape with CrossFit. In the 6 week challenge we go over CrossFit's core movements and concepts, give you a meal plan to follow throughout the 6 weeks, and of course, work out. The goal over the 6 weeks is to teach you basic technique on CrossFit's foundational movements, and get everyone used to the types of workouts we do in the regular CrossFit classes. The program meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6AM & 7PM, and Saturdays at 7AM & 8AM. With the two class time options you get to choose which time works best for you, but if the times don't align with your schedule, let us know and we will always work with you! 


Once you complete On-Ramp you will be ready to go for one of our monthly CrossFit memberships - 2x/week for $99.99/mo or Unlimited classes for $124.99/mo. Or, if you are already a CrossFitter looking to get started right away, this is where you can start.


Here is some additional reading for you before you get started: 

What Is Fitness

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